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12:28pm on Sunday, 20th March, 2016:



When I changed my PC at work a couple of years ago, I was allowed to hold onto it in case there was anything on the hard drive I needed. The condition was that I recycled it properly when I was finished.

The PC has been sitting in my attic since then, and I am now confident that I don't need anything from it so can dispose of it. Wait, though! There's data on that hard drive belonging to the university that might be of use to an enemy!

I tried to remove the hard drive, but couldn't get at one of the screws as it was behind the power supply, which itself wouldn't come out because I couldn't actually find its screws. Gawd knows how it was manufactured. I tried to take the casing off my hard drive but didn't have a star key spanner head small enough.

How, then, could I destroy the data?

It was then that I saw the little sign on the hard drive saying "Fragile".

Here's the result. Multiple hammer blows plus two from a sledgehammer that buckled the housing.

I have to say, it was very satisfying. If anyone succeeds in opening up that casing now, they'll find 0s and 1s falling out everywhere like glitter.

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