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6:47pm on Tuesday, 19th January, 2016:

Work Time


The most time-consuming part of my job at the university is meeting students. Individual supervisory meetings last between 30 and 60 minutes, but when you have several PhD, MSc and BSc students to supervise they soon add up. I don't mind them (after all, I get paid to do them); what's not so good, though, is when I come onto campus especially for a meeting then the student doesn't show up.

I had four meetings with students today. One of them took place. Of the others, the reasons for not attending can be summarised as:
"What meeting?"
"I haven't done any work"
"Wait, when you asked me to choose a slot for the meeting, it had to be one when I wasn't in a timetabled lab session?"

On the up side, I got a great deal of work done preparing lectures to deliver later this term, so that'll save me time later on.

University life would be so much easier if there weren't any students (or other members of staff, come to that).

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