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8:54am on Wednesday, 17th February, 2016:



I'm currently playing Dragon's Dogma, which is a console RPG from about 2012 available on the PC. Here's what I have to click to quit:

This is one of the worst exit sequences I've come across in a game, but wierdly it's not Dragon's Dogma's most irritating feature. That honour belongs to its frequent use of the word "aught", which it treats as if it meant "something" when actually it means "anything" (as anyone with a Yorkshire accent knows, because we pronounce it "owt" rather than "ort"). The description for craft materials says they can be used to produce "aught of use", people say they wish to "ask aught of you" or that there "may be aught here". It's really quite annoying.

Oh, and all female pawns (these are assistants you can hire, created by other players) wear the same outfit because it's so over-powered that why wouldn't they?

Still, the game has its moments (including some unintentionally comic ones) so I'll probably play it through, at least until the expansion part (Dark Arisen) kicks in.

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