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3:15pm on Thursday, 15th December, 2016:

Everyday Day


Today, the following things have happened to me.

I found a drawing pin stuck in the sole of my shoe. This served to reinforce my view that shoes are good things to have on your feet.

The car in front of me stalled at the lights. The driver got out and came over and told me that she'd stalled her car but couldn't find the hazard light switch. I told her to look in the middle of the dashboard, so she'd get back in her card and close the door and I could overtake.

I had two fillings done in my teeth. One lasted 40 minutes before I accidentally bit it off.

While looking at the Jumbo water tower in Colchester, the driver of a street-sweeper stopped and asked me if I was looking at the water tower. I said yes. He then extolled its brickwork and asked me if I was thinking of buying it. I told him I would if I had the money, although actually I wouldn't even accept it for free, it needs too much work done to it.

I heard Slade's "So here it is, Merry Christmas" five times befiore 1pm.

A learner driver on a roundabout was so timid he wouldn't go onto it if there was the remotest possibility that another car might join it from a different direction. I was stuck behind him for five minutes before the backlog of cars behind me cleared and I was able to reverse enough to get room to overtake him. He's probably still there now.

Just an average December day.

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