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10:47am on Saturday, 14th May, 2016:

Last Survivor


A headline in today's Guardian: "World's last survivor from 19th century puts long life down to raw eggs".

Italian Emma Morano was born in 1899, the second-to-last year of the 19th century. I'm pretty sure there are still some people around who were born in 1900. She could well be the last survivor from the 1800s, which is what BBC radio reported yesterday, but she's not the last survivor from the 18th century.

Come on, Guardian, you recruit your reporters from the same public schools and elite universities that the BBC does, how come yours don't know when centuries start and the BBC's do? Well, BBC radio, anyway — the web site refers to the previous record-holder, Susannah Jones, as the "last US woman born in 19th Century".

I wonder when the last person who thinks centuries and decades begin with years ending in 1 will die...

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