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12:15pm on Saturday, 13th February, 2016:



Sometimes in Sainsbury's, when I walk around getting stuff there are other people following the same route and I keep seeing them.

Today, this happened with an old woman and a young woman (possibly her grandaughter). The first snippet of conversation I heard, the old woman was saying "they're trying to kill me" and the young one was trying to tell her that no, the other people were just trying to help, they didn't know she was ill.

Every occasion I went past them after that — which must have been five or six times — the old woman was saying something like "I hope they feel guilty for killing me" and the young woman was patiently reassuring her that no, the other people weren't trying to kill her, they didn't know she had anything wrong with her.

OK, so she looked ill to me, but apparently not to the other people.

This just went on. The old woman wouldn't let it lie. "They want me dead and buried. I don't want them at my funeral". The young woman tried to explain yet again that the other people were trying to help, they weren't trying to kill her.

By the end, I was really rooting for the other people.

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