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12:34pm on Saturday, 12th March, 2016:

Late Start


I have 25 assignments to mark by the end of next week. Well, I actually have 3 weeks to mark them, but I get another batch of assignments next week that I also have 3 weeks to mark, so I need to get these out of the way before then.

I marked two yesterday. One took one hour, one took three hours. OK, so they were for MSc students, and most of the BSc students aren't going to be at this level of sophistication (although some will be). Nevertheless, I wanted to mark a couple this morning to get started.

I switched on my PC and it told me there were updates that needed a restart to finish installing. Oh wonderful. I can delay it and keep getting passive-aggressive reminders, or I can just finish the installation and get it out of the way. I chose the latter.

The installation went without a hitch but took two hours. Maaaaaybe you might want to warn people about that kind of thing, Microsoft.

Oh, you might also want to mention that as a consequence of your update all my windows now have black borders so they look like a telegram informing me of a death in the family, plus I can't see the minimise and full screen buttons because they're also in black.

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