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4:43am on Friday, 6th May, 2016:



I have a talk this afternoon for which I really, really need my laptop.

Unfortunately, my laptop decided to download a bunch of useless Samsung utilities yesterday which required a reboot. When I switched it on this morning, I found that I had to log back in to Windows. This meant I needed my Microsoft password. I don't remember my Microsoft password.

This happened once before when I was on a speaking trip abroad. I had to phone my wife and ask her to look up the password in my book of passwords at home. The time difference means that she's asleep, though, and I'd rather speak off the cuff to 50 students expecting me to deliver a professional presentation than suffer the weeks of repercussions that would come from waking up my wife.

I did write the password down in codified form in the notebook I carry around in my pocket. This is the notebook I took out of my pocket and left at home before I set off for Munich last week and didn't put back before I set off for Kuala Lumpur.

With no other option I had to use MEMORY POWER. I've typed that password at least three times before and written it down twice: surely I can remember it if I just use MEMORY POWER?

After some ten minutes, I remembered one of the letters, after which the rest immediately came tumbling. Regretably, they didn't come tumbling in the correct case, so it took me another 20 minutes of patient GuEsS1Ng to figure out what the password actually was.

As a result, I managed to log back in and type this. The students at KLU will get their talk and my wife will remain asleep.

Thank goodness for MEMORY POWER!

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