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6:56pm on Wednesday, 6th January, 2016:

Large Crown


What's that? We're six days into 2016 and I haven't posted any playing cards yet?

Time to remedy that!

As you can see from the wording on the King's sash, they're by Piatnik. They're not actually as old as they look: there's a tax stamp on the Ace of Hearts that was in use 1926-1934 (or possibly 1920-1925 — I can't make out whether the value is in schillings or kronen, but there doesn't seem to be much to it so it's more probably schillings).

These cards are designed according to the Vienna pattern, which comes in two versions. This particular one is called "large crown" because the kings all have bucket-sized headwear.

I also have some Dutch cards that I bought cheap to see what they're like. If you behave yourselves, I won't post about them.

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