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11:03am on Tuesday, 5th July, 2016:

Familiar Landscapes


Today is another sea day, which means there's little to talk about except the choppy seas and our fellow passengers (people using disability scooters, or carrying around portable oxygen machines, or missing an arm, or wearing shorts with bracers, or having no larynx, or pushing a pushchair, or obtaining their MPharm degree) (that last one is our daughter).

I suppose I could also talk about the staff here, but I get the uneasy feeling that if any of them do the slightest thing wrong they're taken away to a special facility and beaten with a paddle; I don't want that kind of guilt. Besides, some of them do nice things such as, upon hearing our daughter has graduated, getting a chef to ice a cake with "happy graduation Maddie" on it and then embarrassing us all by singing "happy graduation to you" in a full restaurant. They also arranged for me to be made an apple pie with no cinnamon in it, which took two attempts because the first time the chef interpreted "no cinnamon in it" as meaning "perhaps slightly less cinammon in it".

Oh, here's another picture from yesterday, taken as the coach drove through some scenery to Sintra:

I found this weirdly disturbing, as I felt I'd been there before but knew I hadn't. It wasn't a case of déja vu, though: it was a case of "this looks like that bit in Black Desert Online". It's sad that unusual real-life scenery can have the edge taken off it by a virtual world; it makes me wonder what other aspects of reality can be dampened by experiencing them first in virtuality.

At least they can't ruin virtual worlds by stuffing them full of cinammon (yet).

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