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5:05pm on Saturday, 4th June, 2016:



Hooray! By the simple expedient of starting at 7:30am and working non-stop, I managed to finish my marking with a whole day to spare!

I can't say much about what horrors or otherwise I encountered, because that could hint to students whether or not they've passed. I think I'm probably OK with the following statistic, though, as it doesn't affect or reflect the marking.

So, question 3c went like this:

Game designer Jesse Schell defines a puzzle as being "a game with a dominant strategy". State whether you agree or disagree with him, and explain why.

It was worth about a seventh of the marks for the whole paper. Out of the 48 students who took the exam, 24 agreed, 22 disagreed and 2 went with "it depends". That's the closest result I've ever had with one of these agree/disagree style questions.

I quite liked the way that most of the students referred to Jesse as "Mr Schell" in their answers, presumably so he wouldn't be offended if he read them.

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