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10:04am on Sunday, 1st May, 2016:

Away! Again!


So here I am at Heathrow. It seems only a couple of days since I was last here. How time flies.

This time, I'm going to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, a country I've never visited before. I could have gone when I used to visit Singapore in the 1990s, but the 4-hour queue to cross the border always put me off.

I've just received two texts from the people I'm visiting. One was asking me where I am because the guy picking me up at the airport can't find me, and the other was saying oops, wrong day, see you tomorrow. I feel bad for the driver, but from my point of view I'm glad he came a day early than a day late.

Although I'm flying economy, I seem to have been allocated a seat on the upper deck of the jumbo. That ought to make it easier to get on without having to wait for people to argue over seats and take all the overhead luggage slots. Then again, it's closer to space so I get more cosmic ray damage.

Oh, and by the way, Heathrow Terminal 4, if you're going to have a short-term parking facility, you might consider putting up a few more road signs so users might be able to find it.

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