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3:38pm on Wednesday, 29th July, 2015:

Before and After


I had the operation on my lower right eyelid today, to have the cyst removed (only three months after it should have been removed). It turned out that a lot of the lump was scar tissue from when it was the size of a cheery, but the surgeon did find some nasty stuff in it and took a biopsy.

I was admitted at 10am, but was last in the queue: I didn't go into the operating theatre until 12:45. Anticipating this, I brought a book to read. Unfortunately, other patients hadn't anticipated it and wer chatting loudly to one another.

Anyway, apart from some drops and ointment I have to start using tomorrow, I should be fine now.

Here's the before and after shot:

Maybe I should take another one once the bandage comes off...

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