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8:48pm on Saturday, 28th November, 2015:

In Salford


Well, here I am in Salford at MediaCity, ready for my appearance on University Challenge tomorrow.

The way this Christmas series edition is set up, it's possible for a team to win their match but not get to the next round because it's based on total scores. Therefore, two strong teams can both lose out because they take points off each other.

My goals for the team tomorrow are, in order of likelihood of achievement:
1) Not to finish with negative points.
2) To lose to a team that doesn't get to the next round.
3) To lose to the eventual winners.
4) To scrape a win.
5) To win and qualify for the next round.

Knowing that we're extremely unlikely to win means there's no pressure. If we don't end up negative, then from my point of view anything else is a bonus.

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