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5:32pm on Friday, 27th March, 2015:

National Video Game Arcade


So, you all want to know what the National Video Game Arcade in Nottingham is like!

Well, regardless of whether you do or, not, I took a few photos so you've going to be told anyway...

Here's what the building looks like from the outside:

It's part of the Creative Quarter in Nottingham, which is very central — only a short walk from the big square.

I quite liked this game they had set up, in which virtual cars raced around a track built out of real-world objects:

Totally impractical, of course.

There are old computers set up you can actually play games on:

I hope they have plenty of spares, because the original Spectrum wasn't renowned for its robustness...

The highlight for me was the History of Games in 100 Objects exhibition in gallery 3. This was the first thing I noticed:

I think it was bought from eBay rather than mined from the desert of New Mexico.

This has been a thing for 5 years?

These guys look friendly:

They're the back of a GameCube test kit from 2000.

This was donated by Ian Livingstone, CBE:

Note the "250k of pure mystery". This picture itself is 349k.

I hope the display cabinet for this is made of toughened glass, because there are people who would dearly love to have it:

Selling it might cover the exhibition's running costs for a couple of years.

Away from the 100 Objects part of the exhibition, there were some nice touches. I always like it when game controls are embedded in antique furniture:

Putting scteens in frames makes their contents look classy, too:

Finally, this sign is on the wall when you go in:

Nice to know that they've formalised what happens in tower blocks anyway.

All in all, well worth the £8.50 entrance fee you'll have to pay when it opens to the public on Saturday.

Parking for 3½ hours in the nearby Stoney Street car park, on the other hand, was worth nothing close to the £13.50 it cost me...

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