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4:47pm on Tuesday, 24th November, 2015:

Desk, Right, Mouth


When she went to Japan, my elder daughter brought back a build-your-own-model-of-a-Japanese-shop kit. She gave this to my wife.

The instructions run to four pages, all in Japanese. Most of it is dense Japanese. My wife does not speak Japanese, or indeed anything else not English. Figuring out what to do without knowing what the instructions said proved to be something of a challenge, and there was no English translation of the instructions on the web site.

Idea! Download an app that can translate what the camera sees into English!

Here's the result:

Desk, Right, Mouth
Injure Mouth One, Shrimp Strength
Each Two, Sea Urchin Mouth

It was easier before the translation.

I think maybe the app is mainly employed for reading menus.

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