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2:56pm on Sunday, 24th May, 2015:

Eurovision Voting


I managed to remember today to look at the difference between the UK's jury vote and phone vote for Eurovision.

Here's the jury's top 10:

Here's the phone vote's top 10:

These aren't as dissimilar as I was expecting. The jury went for Cyprus, Germany and Slovenia where the rest of the population went for Lithuania, Poland and Serbia.

Personally, I'm with the Jury on Slovenia (which I really quite liked) and Cyprus (a sweet song but it was never going to win), but I didn't like the German entry (along with everyone else who watched the contest).

As for the jury vote, well the female half of the Lithuanian entry was good but the male half wasn't (and that kiss between them creeped me out). The vote in support of Poland may have something to do with the million or more Poles who are living in the UK at the moment. The Slovenian entry was an enormous woman whose song was about not judging people by how they look; fair enough, but I do feel entitled to judge her how she sang in a song contest, and she was only so-so.

I liked the Belgian entry a lot, and if I were the kind of person who actually voted in these competitions then he'd have got mine. I also liked the Estonian song as a song, as it had quite clever lyrics, but it was sung by a duo consisting of the man who wrote it and a woman he'd found on the Internet; unfortunately, he was occasionally flat and nowhere near as good as she was (although he did appear to be a moonlighting member of One Direction). The best performance of the night was the Russian singer who looked like Catherine Jenkins but had a terrific voice; I just wish she hadn't spent the remainder of the show crying.

If we don't enter Adele soon, one of the singers from other nations who are mimicking her style is going to win instead.

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