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6:16pm on Thursday, 19th November, 2015:



Normally when I teach the Hero's Journey, I explain that the "Atonement with the Father" concerns the point when the would-be hero reconciles his old self with his new, renewed self, and mention that this can be remembered because the word "atonement" can be split into "at-one-ment", meaning that the two aspects of the would-be hero are now at one with each other. Joseph Campbell mentioned this in the book where he introduced the concept of the Hero's Journey, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, which I always credit. I also say it's a coincidence that "atonement" can be broken down into "at-one-ment" like that.

It turns out it's no coincidence. If you look up the etymology of the word "atonement", that's exactly where it came from. One of the students in the class this afternoon looked it up when I mentioned it and pointed it out.

It's great teaching people at PhD level. They just do this kind of stuff!

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