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7:46am on Wednesday, 18th February, 2015:

String Theory


In yesterday's pre-election letter from the Church of England's Bishops to their parishioners, there's a passage (number 16) on accumulation of power. This is what it says:

Christians believe that God alone is Lord of creation and our allegiance to any other system or power is only possible so long as it makes no claims which compromise our allegiance to God. Christians should be wary of accumulations of power wherever they take place. They should be as reluctant to live under an overweening corporate sector as under an overweening state. Where the state or the market, or any other powers, claim too much and stifle human flourishing, people are divided from one another and God's sovereignty is mocked.

I don't get how you can be both "wary of accumulations of power" and yet like the idea that the entire universe was created by a single individual who pulls all the strings.

This is why I'm not a Bishop. Well, this and the fact I'm an atheist.

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