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2:50pm on Tuesday, 15th December, 2015:

Loose Marking


I've finished marking the 11 game design specs written by this year's IGGI PhD students and sent them off to be second-marked.

From slide 19 of my introductory lecture:

One LAST thing before I get around to the LECTURE...
This is a slide I put in ALL my modules.
There is a TECHNICAL term we use in game development, which you MUST learn to spell.
This is the word LOSE.
It is NOT spelled LOOSE.
It's spelled LOSE.
If you spell it LOOSE I will HUNT YOU DOWN.

Three of them did spell it LOOSE, and I shall indeed hunt them down. Well, mark them down by 1 point, anyway.

OK, so it's just a pass/fail assessment anyway, so individual marks aren't worth anything, but still... Three from eleven students at PhD level is not what I was expecting.

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