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12:12pm on Saturday, 14th February, 2015:

Three Men


Here are three things that happened on my trip to Sainsbury's today. I saw all three, but only one happened to me. See if you can guess which one.

The Helpful Shopper
A man is walking to get a trolley. He passes an old man on the way who has a trolley. Clearly, the old man is taking his trolley back to the trolley park. The man, wishing to help, says, "I'll take that!" and grabs hold of it at the side. He walks off, taking the handle as the old man releases it. Only when he reaches the building's entrance and looks back does he notice that the old man has had to get a replacement trolley. He hadn't been returning a trolley after his shop, he'd been going to do his own shop. The man will spend the next half an hour in Sainsbury's attempting not to encounter the old man again.

The Sticky Trolley
A man is pushing his trolley when he notices that it's a bit stiff. Believing that there is something lodged under the front wheel, he moves off apace, hoping to dislodge it. He travels to the end of the aisle this way, but to no avail. He decides to stop and remove whatever is stuck under the wheel manually. Nothing is stuck under it. Someone has put their basket on the floor while looking at products on the shelf and the man has pushed their basket half the length of an aisle. He leaves it where it is and escapes down the next aisle.

The Not Brian
A man arrives at the back of his car with a trolley full of shopping. It's a hatchback. He lifts up the door and stares in confusion. What's all this stuff doing in the back of his car? He looks around. Meanwhile, an old lady inside the car is shouting in a panicked voice, "Brian? Is that you Brian? Brian!". The man's own car is the next one along.

So which one of these happen to me?

Answer, -1 encrypted: sgd lhcckd nmd.

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