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1:40pm on Saturday, 11th April, 2015:

Rather Wet


When I went into Sainsbury's this morning, a few spots of rain were falling from the sky. I had an umbrella in the car (in fact I had two, come to think of it), but who needs an umbrella for just a few spots?

When I left Sainsbury's forty minutes later, the rain was so hard it could have stunned any small, woodland creatures caught in the open. I waited a minute to see if it was going to ease up, but it was relentless. Given another 20 minutes it might perhaps have gone, but I had stuff in my trolley that needed to be in the freezer back home.

My car was only about a hundred yards away, if that.

I decided to go for it.

Less than a quarter of the way there, I was soaked to the skin. This wasn't just rain, it was driving rain, with wind whipping it up from every direction and drilling it into me. Only my shoes held out: the rest of my clothes capitulated as quickly as an England cricket team. Apart from my feet, my entire surface area was wet. I've come out of a hotel shower less wet than I was in Sainsbury's car park this morning.

It got into some of the food, too. I hadn't realised quite how disgusting a baguette can get when it's been subjected to water damage. The seeds on my wife's seeded bread came off and are currently adhered to the bottom of the bag I put them in. I'm glad I didn't buy a newspaper or I'd have a papier maché relief of whatever I'd put it next to.

It's hard to push a trolley while wielding an umbrella that's being caught by the wind, but maybe next time I'll try it anyway.

My car seat is still damp, three hours later. So's my jacket: there'll probably be mushrooms growing on it tomorrow.

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