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5:06pm on Monday, 9th November, 2015:

Will Gill Will


I received a copy of the 1806 will of one of my ancestors today (William Gill of Swillington, who spent most of his life as a shoemaker but seems to have died as a farmer). Here's how much he left his various children, in the order stated in the will:

Abigail seems to be the favourite, with Grace second and Joseph and Dorothy pretty well snubbed. I'm descended from Grace, so clearly her vast wealth of £25 and a bed was enough to attract her a suitor.

Spookily, the baptism record for son William is damaged and is usually transcribed as being Richard. As the given name of Ringo Starr is Richard, this means that if the transcription was correct then the sons would all have been named after (well, before) members of the Beatles.

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