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2:55pm on Thursday, 7th May, 2015:

13 Crosses


I had 3 ballot papers to mark with my X this morning.: national election, local election and parish council election.

The first two had politicla parties on them, but the parish election was entirely independents. There were 12 candidates for 11 seats, which somehow led to my having to make 11 crosses. I looked for the one with the poshest address and voted for the other 11 candidates.

On the local and national elections, I voted Liberal Democrat. If you know your vote it wasted, you may as well waste it. Their candidates in both elections have the same surname and live at the same address, so I reasoned that if their local party membership has diminished to a single house on North Station Road then they clearly need all the help they can get.

It's exciting to think that this time next week the country could be governed only with the permission of a party that doesn't want to be in this country.

It would be more exciting still if the hung parliament negotiations deliver one side a wafer-thin majority then Sinn Fein announce that they maybe will take up their five seats after all...

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