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1:16pm on Saturday, 7th March, 2015:

3 Incidents


Here are another 3 Sainsbury's incidents, from today's trip to the shop.

A woman remonstrating with a man for having picked up two boxes of cereal, on the grounds that their hypothetical children could grow to expect a sweet breakfast. The cereal was on a two-for-one deal. The woman herself was holding 9 boxes of Carte Noire fancu coffee.

A man training a guide dog puppy. He might want to consider training it not to breathe all over the open bread buns while he's looking on a higher shelf. Alternatively, he might not look on a higher shelf if that puts his dog's face in front of food whether the dog likes it or not.

A man attempting to push into the queue for the shop & go tills that was six people long. Another man telling him where the back of the line was, and when he said he'd been there for ages telling in him in no uncertain terms that no, he hadn't, that no-one else in the queue would back him up, and that CCTV cameras were trained on him that would show he was trying to push in, so he really ought to go to the back of the queue unless he wanted to cause a scene that would delay his shop even longer.

Oh, I should perhaps mention that I was the ranter in that last one.

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