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3:22pm on Thursday, 2nd July, 2015:



After a breakthrough in my genealogy research, I managed to track my Bartle line out of Yorkshire and into Lincolnshire. I got stuck there, so pulled all the records of Bartle/Barttle/Bartel/Bartell/Bantle/Barthol/Barthole I could find to see if I could assemble the whole jigsaw puzzle.

I couldn't, because the records are too incomplete. However, while looking I did notice this family (not my branch) from Scartho, Lincolnshire:

These are the children of John and Grace Bartle. The first column is the child's name; the second is when they were baptised; the third is when they were buried.

That's a lot of bad luck they had there. The list ends in 1731 because John Bartle himself died 8 Nov 1732.

Their eldest child, Ann, survived and went on to marry one John Farrow on 16 Nov 1742.

300 years ago in the UK, you could have 10 children die in infancy. I wonder how many places in the world there are where that can still happen?

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