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2:43pm on Tuesday, 2nd June, 2015:



I had to go to the university today to show one (1) prospective computer games student round our facilities.

I had trouble getting to the university. First, there were roadworks being set up on our street, and it was only by driving on the wrong side of the road (to avoid the ROAD CLOSED sign) that I managed to get away.

Next, I got stuck at a broken-d0wn traffic light at the station roundabout. I was behind the car that was stopped at them. I waited ten minutes and the driver just wouldn't move, despite the fact that the light was clearly stuck on red. Horns behind were honking, but she wouldn't break the law by going through a red light. Eventually, I opened my door with the intention of hitting the button on a pedestrian crossing light that I figured might turn the lights on the roundabout red (and thence ours green); however, as I did so the driver of the car in front got out as well. "Do you think the light is broken?" she asked. I told her it was obviously broken and she should go through at the next opportunity. When she decided it was safe, she crawled out onto the roundabout, followed by me and another six or so drivers before any vehicle came round the roundabout to which we had to give way.

On the way back from the university, I discovered that the entrance to our street was completely blocked because a lorry was dumping tarmac into a freshly-dug hole that spanned the road. I went to the side road that comes out near our house but there was a team of two people blocking that off by repairing a pothole right in front of the entrance. I continued to the other end of our street (the last remaining way of getting to our house) and that was also blocked off by a ROAD CLOSED sign. However, there was no-one manning it and someone had previously driven through it (brushing the barrier aside), so I squeezed in that way.

We weren't told about these roadworks. I guess we're supposed to phone the Town Hall every day to ask if our road is going to be dug up in the next 24 hours.

Oh, the one (1) prospective computer games student I was supposed to be meeting at the university didn't show up either. She apparently sent an email cancelling on Sunday, but no-one thought to tell me that my presence was no longer required. I guess I was supposed to phone the person who implored me to come to check that I was indeed still supposed to come.

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