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12:01pm on Saturday, 31st May, 2014:



Earlier this month, Funcom advertised the impending launch of the Tokyo expansion for The Secret World with an image that included the word "May" on it. I took this to mean the month, but as we won't be getting the expansion this month I guess it was actually just a shorter way of saying "perhaps". Or I suppose it could mean the month, just not the one this year.

Never mind, I pre-ordered Wildstar. Wildstar launches today, so I can play that instead!

Yeah, right. Yesterday I got my pre-order code from Carbine, which I duly activated. However, I can't play the game because I made the mistake of ordering through Amazon, on the grounds that I'd get a physical DVD to install it from; downloading the client digitally would take hours and put me over my ISP's bandwidth limit. Amazon, however, doesn't want to ship me the game until, well, see for yourself:

That's actually a day after the official launch date of June 3rd. It even admits it.

Looks like I'll be grinding out some more scenarios in TSW over the weekend, then, even though the loot tables have been nerfed almost to oblivion...

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