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11:42am on Saturday, 30th August, 2014:

Teeth Truth


We're going on our summer hols tomorrow, a little later than usual but the only time all four of us could fit it into our busy social calendars. As usual, the house will be guarded by a father-in-law armed with a strimmer, so the burglars among you may wish to look elsewhere for easy pickings.

It was with some alarm, therefore, that my wife announced late on Thursday evening that she had toothache. It seemed to be in a place where she didn't have a tooth, though, as the molar in question had been extracted many years ago. She was worried that it could be to do with the tooth in front, but the next day it was no longer hurting. She had some swelling, but no pain. She tried to book a dental appointment all trhe same but it was too short notice. Nevertheless, she remains worried in case it flares up while we're away (in Italy).

It was thus something of surprise when she awoke this morning to find that the cap off an entirely different tooth had come off while she was asleep.

Her teeth may be trying to tell her something...

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