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1:20pm on Thursday, 27th March, 2014:

Farewell, Good and Faithful Servants


While moving some of my stuff into my refurbished home office, I had to face the sad fact that no matter how serviceable the various sheets of Letraset I have are, I'm never going to use them again. I threw out all but one, unopened sheet of Old English font in gold.

I also threw out my collection of felt tips, all still in good working order even though some were maybe 40 years old. I even included the one that smelled of orange, which was withdrawn from sale after it was discovered that it encouraged children started sniffing other things such as solvents. Some of those pens brought back very fond memories of games I made or played with them, especially the Platignum crimson.

I'd much rather have kept the pens and the Letraset and thrown out the endless bank statements for a company I part-own that only exists to hold some intellectual property, but I know that if I did then that's when the tax inspectors would want to see them.

Sigh. That's the way of the world...

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