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11:33am on Tuesday, 26th August, 2014:

Wrong Line


One of the greatest benefits my ancestors thought fit to bequeath me is that of never getting a headache. I like to mention this from time to time so that the other 199 people out of 200 who do get headaches can be envious.

I inherited my superpower from my mother's grandfather, who also never had a headache. It's one of the cornerstones of my understanding of why I don't get headaches. Today, however, I learned a disturbing fact: I had attributed the condition to the wrong great-grandfather. It wasn't the Scottish one who stung himself with bees to get rid of rheumatism (my mother's maternal grandfather), it was the Yorkshire one who never ate a banana (my mother's paternal grandfather).

This has really shaken my sense of identity. Still, it doesn't alter the fact that I don't get headaches, so tra-la-la!

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