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11:07am on Thursday, 26th June, 2014:

Eye for Cards


I bought these playing cards off eBay recently:

Yes, this is one of my periodic playing card posts...

From the lettering, it's obvious that this is a pack produced for a country that uses Cyrillic script, so probably Russia. The images on the cards look decidedly Dondorf, though, which is intriguing. I loved the pictures, so put in a bid and won it.

The tell-tale sign of Dondorf manufacture is that it says so on the Jack of Clubs. There's no such text on this pack's Jack of Clubs, though. Neither are there any tax stamps. A quick trip to the Internet informed me that the cards were apparently designed by Dondorf but manufactured in Russia from 1911. That would explain it, then.

I was also informed that after the fall of the USSR, several firms started printing copies of these playing cards. I suspect, therefore, that mine are more likely to be 20 years old than 100.

Still pretty, though!

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