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1:54pm on Saturday, 26th April, 2014:



Five years ago, I bought a book called World of Warcraft and Philosophy. It's not one that many people have, but I had to buy it as soon as I saw it. Here's the back cover:

OK, so when you self-publish a book the printers supply a layout sheet. Onto this sheet, you affix the images you want for the covers and spine. Here's what the one for my Lizzie Lott book looks like, followed by the image I used to format to it:

The originals are 600dpi and somewhat larger, of course; this is just for illustration.

Look at the back cover of the World of Warcraft and Philosophy book. It has a yellow page that looks as if it should fill the whole of the back of the book (it even has a gap for the bar code), but it's too small. It's just under half the right width, in fact. Worse, read the top line above the image: this information about the point size of the pack page is from the format guide!

That's when I decided that I had to buy the book.

The front page is similar: a too-small image with Read How You Want logo on it, but at least it doesn't look too out of place. Inside, the print is, hmm ... rather large. Here's a scan of part of a random page, which will show as life-size on a 96dpi screen:

It's like one of those books they have in the library for people with impaired vision. It's also the reason I haven't actually read the book yet — on pages 7.5 inches by 10 inches, it hurts my eyes.

Maybe I'll try reading it at a distance some time.

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