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1:13pm on Monday, 23rd June, 2014:

Random Shuffle


The sound system in our new car is better than in the old one. In particular, it has a USB port I can plug my iPod into. This interfaces with the buttons and the display, so I have full control over my iPod's functionality without having to hold the actual device (which is squirrelled away in an armrest).

The functionality itself is subtly different, though.

So, I have my iPod on shuffle. I do this so that I don't have to listen to everything by one artist or composer before it moves on to the next. This is fine: eventually, it goes through the whole gamut of pieces and then starts at the beginning again. This is not, however, what happens in the car. In the car, it chooses a track at random every time. This means that after listening to a couple of dozen tracks, one of them will repeat. It's as if it reshuffles after every piece.

I've no idea why the car replaces after withdrawal and the iPod on its own doesn't. I prefer the non-car behaviour, though — especially when the car gives me something I skipped half an hour earlier...

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