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5:04pm on Wednesday, 23rd April, 2014:

New Headphones


This afternoon, I got some new headphones to wear when I'm playing games. My previous set lasted four years before I had to accept that the accumulation of taped-up repairs was no longer doing its job.

I like my headphones to be ear-coverers ("cans", they used to be called). Because I wanted to try them on, I went to a shop rather than the Internet. There are plenty of headsets that are on-ear or in-ear, and surprisingly more that are over-ear that I was expecting; I suppose someone famous made them cool or something. I was also pleased to find that wired connections are still available; wireless ones pick up interference in our house. I would have gone for noise cancellation, but they all seem to need batteries to work (I was hoping for a USB connection or something).

Gawd knows what make I bought in the end. In PC World, they had a really nice set on display that fitted very well; unfortunately, they didn't have it in stock and I wasn't going to pay an extra £200 for the Dr.Dre ones that were also a good fit... I went to the store next door, Bennetts, which had a nice range too; again, though, they didn't have the set I wanted in stock, just on display. They did have another set that was like it, though, which fitted when I took it out of the box and tried it on, so I got that. My hearing isn't so great that I can tell the difference between mid-quality and high-quality headphones, so mid-quality was fine.

Hmm. I'm sure this feeling that I'm getting a death nerve-pinch behind the ears will disappear fairly soon.

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