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3:35pm on Thursday, 18th September, 2014:

Killer App


If you want to swat a fly, your main problem is that you don't know where the fly is going to be when your rolled-up newspaper or whatever arrives. If only you could predict where it would go and swat there, you'd get it every time.

Mobile phones have cameras. AI software can detect flies and track them. I'm pretty sure that there are AI techniques that could track a fly for a few seconds then predict where it's going to be in a second's time. It could superimpose a target reticule on your phone's screen, or, better still, your Google Glass. Then, it's just a case of whapping where the target says and it's bye-bye fly (or wasp or mosquito — it ought to work for all of them).

You'd sell millions of copies of something that could do that. It really is a killer app.

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