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7:19pm on Thursday, 16th January, 2014:

Market Square


Square 3 is the central square of Essex University, named in the days when people could believe it would help with locating rooms (which it would have done if they'd given the room names some relation to square numbers). This academic year, it appears to be the venue for an open-air market every Thursday:

There are over a dozen stalls, some of which sell the usual student fare (old clothes, vinyl records, posters) but some of which sell foodstuffs (gourmet coffee, fresh vegetables, bread, cakes, cakes, cakes and cakes). It seems to generate enough trade that stallholders come back every week, and it would probably quite impress prospective students if we had visit days on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays (or, I guess, market days on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays).

I wish it didn't occupy so much space that it made traversing square 3 difficult. Then again, I believe it's a long-standing technique of market traders to position their stalls so passers-by can't easily pass by, meaning they're more likely to see what's on offer while they're giving way to oncoming traffic.

This is how I know that vanilla coffee can smell quite sickly after a while...

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