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4:26pm on Wednesday, 12th November, 2014:

Comic Effect


My laptop downloaded some patches last time I used it. This time, when I switched it on, it wanted me to log in. This was at the start of my 3-hour IGGI lecture. My password is written in code on a piece of paper 7 miles away. I couldn't therefore use my laptop.

Never fear, though! I have my slides on my memory stick and on a shared drive. I can deliver my lecture from the PC in the lecture room. Hmm, except that the reason I use my laptop in the first place is that it has the fonts I want on it, whereas the PC in the lecture rooms don't have the fonts I use and won't let me install them because if they did, people would install fonts on them.

So, I had to change the fonts in my slides to something reasonably similar. For Comix Heavy, I went with Cooper Black; for straight Comix, I went with Comic Sans.

Yes, Comic Sans.

One of my students had to go home at lunchtime because it brought on a migraine. No, I'm not kidding.

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