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3:02pm on Saturday, 11th January, 2014:

Favourites from the 70s


My dad got me this for my birthday:

It's a box of sweets from the 1970s. Here's what's inside:

Well, it was inside; I've eaten some of them...

As a representative mix of the sweets I gorged myself on in my teens, this is pretty good. The sherbert pips aren't as sherberty as they were in the past (that is, you can eat a handful and it doesn't turn your tongue furry) but the others are pretty much as I remember them.

Unfortunately, some of the sweets from the 1970s that I remember best aren't in the box as they're no longer made. I particularly miss Spangles (the red Olde English ones, the acid drop ones marked with a ?, and the fizzy orange ones), Aztec bars (which were like Mars Bars but better) and Texans (which were chocolate-c0vered nougat bars about 6 inches long and tasted amazing, but dentists lobbied against them).

Still, it's a while since I had spearmind chews, so I'm glad they still make them.

Regrettably, my wife has some kind of crown monopoly on all pink foam shrimps that come into the house, so I had to let her have those.

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