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3:11pm on Sunday, 8th June, 2014:



I spent most of this weekend playing The Secret World marking the CE217 assignment.

Last year, my attempts to reassure the 50% of students who would have come out of the exam with the (legitimate) belief they'd probably failed it, while on the whole successful, nevertheless caused at least one student to panic even more and complain. As a result, I was hauled up before the Head of Department and told to delete the offending post. I am therefore reluctant to make any comments about this year's exams, in case there's someone there ready and waiting to report me for whatever I say.

Nevertheless, I think I'm probably on reasonably safe ground if I say that the question this year's cohort of students did best at, last year's cohort would probably have done worst at, and the question this year's cohort did worst at, last year's cohort would probably have done best at.

It's amazing how students so close together educationally can have such different strengths and weaknesses.

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