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2:27pm on Saturday, 8th February, 2014:



Fancy a PhD in AI and games?

The new Doctoral Training Centre set up by Essex University, York University and Goldsmiths College (University of London) has roughly 10 studentships a year to award. These studentships cover fees, plus an annual stipend of £13,726. They are for PhDs in the area where games and AI interact. That's not games you can spin as being AI, nor AI you can spin as being games: it's "intelligent games and games intelligence", or IGGI for short.

The bad news for some of you is that something like 90% of the studentships have to go to UK citizens, because the money is coming from the ESPRC. The good news is that if you are such a person (student or otherwise) you have a much better chance of bagging one of these now than you will have in future: that's because by the time we found out our DTC application had been successful, it didn't leave as much time to advertise as we'd have liked. Also, there isn't a lot of time left to to apply for a studentship before they'll start being awarded, so the competition this year will be less intense than in future years. Applications are open to people with a Master's level qualification or above or at least a 2:1 at undergraduate level. As we are able to take final-year students, this can be made conditional on your passing your exams with suitably flying colours.

For more details, see the IGGI web site. Basically, you persuade someone to agree to supervise you, then you apply, and you do this as soon as possible (the next two or three weeks would be ideal).

So, any guesses what's going on with the is in the IGGI logo?

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