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3:01pm on Monday, 7th April, 2014:

Too Long; Didn't Listen


I phoned up our travel insurance company this morning to renew our cover (as I have back-to-back trips to the Netherlands and Estonia next week). The phone was answered with an automatic message in which a woman's voice told me which regulator regulates the company, what the holding company is called, that the call would be recorded, ... it went on for a minute and forty seconds before finally presenting me with the option to press a key and end my torment.

What was particularly galling was that I was trying to do this all online but their system came up with an error and instructed me to phone the number instead. One of the many things the woman's voice told when I called the number was that I should be doing this online, here's the URL.

Augh! I wanted to do it online, woman's voice! Why didn't you just put me through to a rep? (Who, by the way, repeated some of the information and then when I told him please, please stop said he had to as it was regulations).

Oh well, at least now I'll be covered if my flight to Tallinn ends up in the Indian Ocean or something.?

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