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4:58pm on Saturday, 6th September, 2014:



We went to the island of Capri today. Well, three of us did: elder daughter went to Naples on her own to explore its museums, churches and pickpocket-filled streets.

While at Capri, we visited the Blue Grotto. Lots of places have blue grottoes, but we've never been to one so we went.

We paid for a boat to the grotto, paid for a ticket to enter the grotto and paid for a guy to take us into the grotto in a rowing boat. At €20 a pop, his 35-50 trips inside the grotto every day must be quite lucrative, but he does risk decapitation going through the entrance each time (we passengers had to lie flat in the boat). All the same, it was an experience for which the term "tourist trap" was invented.

The water really was a great shade of blue, though.

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