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1:28pm on Saturday, 4th October, 2014:

Lane Again


Coming back from the shops this morning I found this waiting for me down Argent's Lane:

So, there's a driver of a car pulling a horsebox who figures it's fine to go down a narrow, single-track lane because what are the odds that another car pulling a horsebox will be coming in the opposite direction? Except, another driver of a car pulling a horsebox reasoned the same way, and this is the result.

Neither driver could reverse because they were pulling a horsebox and there was traffc backed up behind them. Eventually, the one in the oncoming car decided to drive his vehicle into the hedge so the car going in my direction could get past. This worked fine, but for the two Ford Transits in the queue behind him, who were also figuring that no wide vehicles would be coming the opposite direction. We had to wait for the horsebox on their side to move forward so they could move forward so that our horsebox could squeeze past them.

Oh, there's one other point to mention: the oncoming horsebox, although it was a horsebox (it said so on the side), didn't have a horse in it. It had a sheep.

Life just gets weirder.

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