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2:35pm on Thursday, 2nd October, 2014:

New Canteen


The place where I usually eat when I'm on campus, which goes by the imaginative name of The Canteen, was refurbished over the summer.

I can't say I think much of the floor tiles:

The food is the same as always, but now we get served it on oblong plates instead of circular ones. Why?

Well the reason is that they made the tables narrower so they could get more people in, and it turned out they couldn't fit two circular plates on them. Of course, that's meaningless for people such as me who don't take their plates off their trays anyway.

Oh, also they added this new decorative feature above the windows:

It's a bunch of finicky-sized canteen-related items that for doubtlessly reasonable purposes have been caged behind wire mesh. Those things are going to collect dust, and as they're in the eating area they'll have to be cleaned regularly lest The Canteen's health star rating suffers.

It's nice that they do refurbish the eating venues at the university from time to time, it's just it would be nicer if the design decisions were less perplexing.

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