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12:03pm on Saturday, 1st February, 2014:

Watch Out


I don't use a digital watch, because those things only tell you what the time is: I want to know what the time will be. I prefer a cheap, old-fashioned analogue watch (although I do rate batteries above clockwork).

So, this is what it looks like right now as I type this:

It's slightly out of focus because it confused the scanner, but hopefully you can see that in the little panel on the right it has the day as SAT and the date as 1 changing into 2. The date is 12 hours ahead — it's actually coming up to midday rather than midnight. However, the day is fine: it'll switch from Saturday to Sunday at midnight tonight.

I've no idea how the day and date got out of sequence like that. It's been like it for a couple of weeks. I've tried all kinds of remedies, including half-winding one of them on or winding it on when it's changing, but they're locked in place. I get to choose whether the day or the date is 12 hours out, but I can't synchronise them.

I'm going to have to do what my extremely non-technical mother would do when faced with a recalcitrant piece of machinery: shake the watch extremely vigorously and perhaps bash it on something solid a few times.

Yes, I do have a back-up watch I bought in Las Vegas for when this leaves me with a right-for-one-moment-a-month inert piece of inexpensive wrist jewellery.

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