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4:55pm on Wednesday, 30th October, 2013:



When I got home from the university this afternoon I was all ready to do a stack of work. I booted up my PC then began reading my emails. My Razer mouse software asked if it could upgrade so I said yes. This was fine until my anti-virus software noticed it and helpfully killed it.

As a result, I lost the use of my mouse and keyboard.

I rebooted, and although they worked when talking to the BIOS they didn't work when talking to Windows. I went to the attic to dig out an old mouse and keyboard with PS2 connections and rebooted with those in place instead of the USB ones, but they didn't want to talk to Windows either. I decided I'd have to bite the bullet and reboot using my installation disc, which has a system restore option on it.

That meant I had to find the installation disc.

I knew exactly where it should be, in a particular drawer. However, because we're going to be redecorating my home office some time this century, most of my office is now in boxes. I therefore spent the best part of an hour looking through every box trying to find the boot CD-ROM. I found a lot of interesting stuff, but no Windows disc. I checked the attic, too, but there was nothing there.

In the end, I looked in the drawer where it should have been to see if it was there. It was. The entire contents of the drawer were there, in fact — it seems I must have missed it when I was boxing the contents of the bureau.

I rebooted the PC, chose the restore option, waited 15 minutes, declined the offer of the mouse to install its new drivers, then got down to work.

I think I'll disable my anti-virus software before I try again, or at least not answer the "do you want me to slay this rogue process?" question affirmatively.

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