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12:14pm on Sunday, 30th June, 2013:



I have a whole day at home today, which was a pleasant surprise as I thought I was flying out to the USA but that's not until tomorrow. I checked in online, which entailed filling in a swathe of forms I'm still nervous about as the people who booked the flight stated my name as Richardallan Bartle rather than Richard Allan Bartle. I guess I'll find out when I arrive in the USA whether or not that makes me a terrorist threat.

One of the things I had to state was that I had all the necessary documentation I needed. There was a link on this, so I could click to find out precisely what this documentation might be. The link is https://www.airfrance.us/US/en/common/transverse/popup/popup_eservices_ICI_doc_voyage.htm. To save you the bother of clicking on it, here's what it said:

Przed wyjazdem zaleca sie; sprawdzenie przepisów dotycza;cych wjazdu do kraju docelowego / krajów docelowych kontaktuja;c sie; z odpowiednimi ambasadami lub konsulatami. Podczas podróz.y nalez.y miec' wszystkie wymagane w przepisach dokumenty:
Dowód osobisty
Visa, itp.

Well, that was helpful.

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