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4:31pm on Thursday, 28th February, 2013:

Games and Learning


So, here I am at Glasgow airport, only three hours early for my flight. I flew up yesterday to give a talk at Glasgow University on games and education. The audience consisted of people who knew a lot about games and people who knew a lot about education, but not necessarily anyone who knew anything about both. It's easy when speaking to a mixed audience like this to come across as condescending to one or both halves, but I made it out alive; in the light of Glasgow's famous reputation for having tough audience, I regard this as a win.

The talk itself was based on a blog post from a few years ago; I'll upload the slides later. It was filmed, so that'll probably be on the Internet somewhere at some point; the other two speakers (Jo Twist of UKIE and Derek Robertson of Learning and Teaching Scotland) gave far more interesting talks, so watch those before mine.

Jeez, I wish I could find a place to sit in this airport that wasn't close to a shop playing irritating music...

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