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4:05pm on Tuesday, 25th June, 2013:



The washout that is this holiday continues. Today, we went up the tower with the astronomical clock on it and got beautiful view of the Old Town Square:

Most people were round the corner, waiting for the astronomical clock to perform:

That's a lot of umbrellas...

One annoying thing about Prague is how few of its attractions accept credit cards. It's very hit-and-miss. Some do, most don't and a few claim they do until you try it then they go to the cupboard and pull out an antique card reader and start looking for somewhere to plug it in. In restaurants, they claim their machine is broken even though you asked when you went in whether they took credit cards or not. I think it's because they want to be paid in euros.

On the personal health front, I think my fever may have broken but the cough is painful and everything tastes bitter, even water. I feel hungry but have no appetite. It would be great if I lost some weight from this, but knowing my luck my metabolism will rally and absorb more energy from what I eat in order to facilitate my recovery.

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